Posted by: iangilbert | September 2, 2010

Traffic problems in the Hamlet Court Road area

Local residents in roads off Hamlet Court Road (the bit North of London Road) have voiced many concerns about traffic and parking issues in their area. When you regularly find it impossible to park close to your house, it really can impact on your quality of life, and speeding and volume of traffic can also cause serious problems.

In the Colchester Road area of the ward, Labour councillors have long lobbied for a residents’ parking scheme. It’s finally in place and the initial feedback seems good, although unfortunately no traffic scheme will please absolutely everyone.

We organised a meeting for residents in the area, and it was great to see around fifty people turn out. The main options being put forward were a residents’ parking scheme, making some streets one-way and/or removing some double yellow lines.

We’re going to consult further, as we want to do our best to represent the opinions of ALL local residents to the council. If you’re a resident in one of those roads, please do get in touch.



  1. It’s not just Hamlet Court Road. Look at the side roads around Sutton Rd! The council gives out Permanent Vehicle Crossings like sweets and every time they do, we lose a parking space. Last weekend a “resident” left a completely snotty note attatched to my friend’s car because her *towball* was *just* inside their PVX area. According to Margaret Borton and the council planners, there is absolutely no problem though. A permit system is the only fair way to give everybody in the street a place to park.

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