Posted by: iangilbert | September 21, 2011

Residents’ parking being considered

Those with experience of local politics will know that very few issues arouse such passions as arguments over parking. Southend Council is currently consulting with residents about a residents’ parking scheme which covers a number of roads in Victoria Ward, including Maldon Road, St Ann’s Road, Guildford Road, Coleman Street and Milton Street.

Many local residents have said to me that they want a way to stop their streets being used by commuters. It’s a real blow to people’s quality of life if they can’t park easily close to their house, and I’ve always thought it fair that people should have priority over the parking in their street. A residents’ parking scheme is one viable solution to make life easier for people.

My predecessor Jane Norman raised issues about parking in this part of the ward as long ago as 2001, despite repeated complaints from us, the Conservatives were deaf to the issue for a very long time. Fortunately a change of personnel at the Civic Centre brought a different, more positive view of residents’ parking. Myself, David and Margaret were able to work closely with council officers in getting a scheme implemented in the Colchester Road area of the ward, which whilst may not have pleased absolutely everybody has definitely been welcomed by a large proportion of the residents there as having made their lives easier.

Not everyone likes these sorts of schemes of course. A number of people object to having to pay at all, but issuing the permits, keeping records of who’s entitled to one, costs money, and it costs slightly more to enforce than normal parking regulations. A nominal charge of £15 per permit per year is therefore levied.

I have no selfish interest in whether we implement residents parking or not, I just want to see a scheme that suits the people in the area. I’m looking forward to working constructively with residents and officers in the hope that we can solve the problems of parking in this area.


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