Posted by: iangilbert | October 18, 2011

Parking Consultation Concludes

The Council’s consultation on introducing a residents’ parking zone in Maldon Road, Guildford Road, St Ann’s Road, Coleman Street, Short Street, Milton Street and Prittlewell Street concluded yesterday. I was able to email through some last responses that had come to me, following a letter I wrote to all residents.

My initial feeling is that the response rate was very good and that residents are generally in favour of the proposals. I know that local people find it so very difficult to park close to their homes because of people parking to use Victoria Station or go into town. Some residents have been actively working towards a scheme of this kind  for many years and I’m pleased that I’ve been able assist them and keep it on the council’s agenda. I’m really looking forward to seeing the full analysis of responses to see if they bear out what people have been saying to me.

Unfortunately parking law is complex and there remains a number of legal hurdles to jump before we can get a scheme implemented, should that be what residents want. Neverthless I’m feeling fairly confident that we will see progress soon.

As people will no doubt remind me, there are other areas of the ward with parking problems that need to be addressed and I haven’t forgotten that. However to do a proper consultation (and these are proper consultations where residents’ concerns are listened to and addressed) and to carry out the legal and practical steps to implement a scheme is very intensive in terms of our officers’ time. It has to be done one place at a time.


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