Posted by: iangilbert | October 28, 2011

Delivering on a promise

Very good news from last night’s Traffic & Parking Working Party, where we agreed to press ahead with the residents’ parking scheme for Guildford Road, Maldon Road, St Ann’s Road, Milton Street, Coleman Street and so on.

Commuter parking has been making life very difficult for people in this area for a very long time. It was first raised formally by my predecessor Councillor Jane Norman way back in 2001. When I stood for election, I did my own survey that demonstrated the support for a residents’ parking scheme. I promised local residents that I would do my very best to get one for them.

Since then, several residents have collected petitions calling for a residents’ parking zone, one of which I presented to council. I’ve raised the issue in Council and in Traffic & Parking Working Party numerous times. and done all I could to keep the issue on the agenda. It’s wonderful to be able to go back to residents and say that, even though it took a long time I kept my promise, and despite being in opposition, succeeded. Of course I am only one of a number of people who are making this a success. A number of local residents have worked very hard on it, collecting signatures and reminding people to fill in their survey forms. Council officers have also done a good job.

Now I intend to continue the work, already started, to get the council to deal with parking problems in other parts of the ward.


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