Posted by: iangilbert | February 27, 2012

To blog or not to blog

I have often warned colleagues that blogging regularly was likely to lead to hostages to fortune and that they should be careful what they write.

It seems I should heed my own advice, apparently my previous post referencing Nye Bevan made it into the Echo. I thought that the context of the post would have made clear that I wasn’t actually comparing Conservatives to vermin, but that some policies, such as potentially requiring terminally ill cancer patients to do unpaid work, can drive people to use very strong language and indeed make you wonder if people have lost their common humanity. If anyone was offended by what I said then I apologise unhesitatingly

I’m actually annoyed with myself because I pride myself on being able to work constructively with people from all parts of the political spectrum, and many Conservative councillors would be prepared to say privately at least that I avoid a lot of the game-playing and point-scoring that others partake in (certain members of the Independent Group are the worst culprits ironically). There are a number of people in Victoria Ward who are current or former members of the Conservative Party whom I help and support on various local issues. Now a carelessly worded blog post has given completely the wrong impression.

However I do think it daft that the press give such prominence to personal opinions on blogs. I still can’t credit the fact that my colleague Julian’s comments about how he personally doesn’t agree with the principle of faith schools was blown up into a row with the Bishop of Chelmsford. I would hate to allege double standards, but did anyone in the press decide to ask questions when Councillor Robin posted blog entries referencing the English Defence League?

I’m going to keep up blogging for the time being, but I’m seriously wondering whether internet silence is the safest course.



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