Posted by: iangilbert | February 28, 2012

A bad month for whom?

Tony Cox says that we’ve had a bad month. Most of the stuff that Tony Cox mentions is of course personality-based and not really going to be causing the people of Southend to worry as they go about their daily lives. (If Tony wants to talk about personal behaviour, he might like to explain why this councillor is still a member of the Conservative Party – at least Ed Miliband has taken swift action and suspended Mr Joyce)

Anyway, let’s have a look at the record of Southend Conservatives this month on some real issues that might actually affect local people in an appreciable way:

Boris – The local Conservatives are still backing Boris Johnson, despite the fact that his airport plan, a 24 hour international hub airport operating just off our coast, will mean effectively the end of Southend as we know it. (If you think that this is an exaggeration, check out this artist’s impression)

The Health Bill – Southend’s Conservative MPs voted against the wishes of healthcare professionals and the Information Commissioner to keep secret the ‘risk register’ associated with the government’s disastrous Health Bill. They continue to push a bill that could make Southend Hospital 49% private. The coalition is fracturing, doctors and nurses are queuing up to oppose it and public trust has been lost.

Unemployment – new figures this month show that Southend is still an unemployment blackspot, worse than Basildon, Castle Point and Thurrock. The Conservatives have presided over a decade of decline for our town. You don’t need to take my word for it,  a letter in the Echo yesterday from a Conservative Councillor asserts that Southend is in the top ten most difficult places to find work.

120 job losses – The Conservatives are poised to vote through a budget that will cost 120 jobs, real dedicated people delivering front line services are seeing their jobs axed, further adding to unemployment in the town.

Police cuts – Essex Police have had to defy Eric Pickles and raise their precept to avoid even more damaging cuts to police in the future – the police cuts we have are bad enough. (and anyone who thinks the local Conservatives come out well over this is clearly deluded)

I think with a record to defend like that, we can see why the Tories are so desperate to talk about who’s saying what on twitter. Then you can add in the fact that they’ve just de-selected a Conservative Councillor who now wants to give them ‘a bloody nose’.  To follow, Anna Waite inspires the Echo headline ‘DRUGGIES AND SINGLE MUMS KILLING HIGH STREET’ – another textbook example of how to lose friends and alienate people from Anna.

Does Tony really think it’s us who’s had a bad month?


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