Posted by: iangilbert | March 2, 2012

A question of judgement

I see my opponent has admitted that his claims re increased police numbers will not come to pass. OK, fair enough things change and what’s true at one moment can be false the next. Contrary to what people think very few politicians set out to tell lies. For one thing people involved in politics are no less moral than everyone else, but for another it’s stupid to put something on record something that can be easily found out and used against you.

However, I still think it was a rather ill-judged attempt to deflect attention from the cuts his party is making to front-line policing. I used my judgement and challenged him on the claim, on the basis that when the Chief Constable had already said that police numbers would be reduced by one in ten, that’s unlikely to mean a rise in any context. It smacks of complacency to suggest otherwise.

I’m reminded of when my colleague in Rochford, Rob Brown, warned that Rochford Police Station faced closure. A Rochford Conservative Councillor came up to a Labour Street Stall in Rochford and was rather rudely dismissive of Rob’s campaign to save the police station. They then went to print accusing the Labour Party of scaremongering. Just a few months later the station is indeed closed, just as Rob had predicted.

It smacks of a party in denial about the effect of their own policies.



  1. I notice no answer to the question, who were the Lib Dems and independent who were going to vote in favour of the budget?

    Anyway on a different note, i thought this might be of interest

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