Posted by: iangilbert | April 24, 2012

How hard is it to deliver a leaflet?

My Conservative opponent has taken a pop at the Victoria ward councillors for ‘under-representing’ people in Victoria, and not working hard enough. I won’t bother to respond to that here, people will decide for themselves.

One thing I do know however, which seems to have escaped the local (or maybe not so local) Conservative Party is the ward boundaries. I was interested to see what seemed like a large team of fairly young Conservatives leafleting Victoria ward yesterday lunchtime.

Yesterday evening after work I did a bit of canvassing – every house I called on in Victoria Ward had received a copy of Peter Ashley’s election address.

We all make mistakes from time to time, and hand on heart I do know of some small errors of this kind being made by our local party. However,  I reckon this election leaflet had gone to at least 300 properties in Victoria which makes it a pretty huge mistake. People in Victoria will no doubt be bemused to read about the childish spats between Conservative candidates and Independents in St Lukes.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t just one leaflet, each house got three St Lukes leaflets together – that must be close on 1000 leaflets in the wrong place. To make matters even worse, some had not been pushed all the way through the letter box, which as everyone should know is a security risk because it lets burglars know when people aren’t around.

Although it’s for the wrong candidate, these leaflets still clearly tells people to vote Conservative and not vote Labour, so I hope Mr Thomas will be declaring it on his election expenses.


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