Posted by: iangilbert | April 26, 2012

Anna Waite responds…

Anna Waite has made a foolish attempt to critique Southend Labour’s manifesto.

Particularly stupid is her response to our demand for a new school in central Southend. Her own councillors have very belatedly realised that this is indeed neccesary and there is money in the budget for it. The point we are making is that we should have been working on this years ago.

A new school in Shoeburyness, which Anna Waite trumpets, will be of very little help to children growing up in central Southend, a place where Anna Waite’s own planning policy says will have more than it’s fair share of new development, and where already cramped schools are being forced to expand against the wishes of staff and parents.

Just two years ago Southend Conservatives said that they wanted to create ‘new smaller schools‘ which will be laughable to parents at Porters Grange in particular. Mind you, perhaps Anna Waite thinks that the ‘druggies, drunks and single mums’ (in her words) who inhabit the area near the high street are rather less deserving than the good people of Shoeburyness, which is of course home to far far more Conservative Councillors.

When it comes to Victoria Avenue, it’s a question of priorities. The Council has just agreed to spend millions buying other bits of land in central Southend, so it so unfeasible to ask for it to be done in this case?



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