Posted by: iangilbert | April 27, 2012

So what have I done?

With the election a few days away it’s probably worth a little re-cap of what I’ve been working on over the past four years. Here are a few things that spring to mind:

– Successfully lobbied against a 15 storey tower block in Carnarvon Road (and opposed Conservative planning guidance that favours more such blocks)

– got a new dog waste bin in Short Street

– a new lighting column and spotlights in Short Street Alley

– successfully lobbied for the introduction of a controlled parking zone in the Victoria Station area

– along with colleagues held WEEKLY advice surgeries

– not claimed a penny in expenses and not claimed my full councillors’ allowence

– dog waste bin at the bottom of Boston avenue

– football coaching for the Poets estate, with more youth activities in the pipeline

– served on the committee of Triangle Residents’ Association

– worked with the Youth Mayor on a successful campaign to raise the child discount age on buses to 16

– worked with residents and officers on the implementation of the controlled parking zone in Colchester Road area

– got the council to fund a member of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament

– facilitated meetings between, residents, council officers and the Mosque in Chelmsford Avenue

– assisted Triangle community group with a number of their activities

– attended nearly every neighbourhood action panel over four years

– supported the Salisbury Avenue, Clusters and Victory residents associations

– assisted with the Youth Mayor elections

– chaired the ‘Postive Activities Forum’ aimed at coordinating youth work across the borough

– continually pressed for action on derelict buildings Victoria Avenue

– help set up the Victoria Ward Community First Panel

– called for the public meeting that created the Queensway community circle

This is in addition to the dull but sometimes important work of attending council meetings and other civic events, dealing with routine casework from constituents, and (for the past two years) holding a political function as Leader of the Labour Group.



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