Posted by: iangilbert | June 20, 2012

More from Vel

My colleague Julian has uploaded photos of adverts placed by Councillor Velmurugan before and after the election in May to his latest blog post.

Before the election Councillor Velmurugan says:

‘Independents speak out against Conservative Budget Proposals’

‘Once again the Conservatives are picking on the vulnerable’

‘Despite my personal requests the Conservatives have voted to reduce services at Little Treasures’

‘They have voted to massively increase Meals on Wheels charges’

Now after the election Councillor Velmurugan has commissioned a full page ad in the Leigh Times to congratulate Nigel Holdcroft, the Conservative Leader in the most cringeworthy terms, saying:

‘Hearty congratulations to Nigel Holdcroft’

‘you are always fair in your deeds to everyone’

‘admires and appreciates the way you dumped the pretender to your post’

Of course Councillor Velmurugan’s support didn’t actually extend to voting for wonderful Nigel Holdcroft over the ‘pretender’ from the ‘renegade’ independent group. No, councillor Velmurugan abstained in the ballot. He intimates in the advert (by saying that Councillor Holdcroft had 26 councillors prepared to support him) that he would have voted with the Conservative group had the vote been close.

Anyone would think that the Nigel Holdcroft being praised after the election had nothing to do with those ghastly Conservative decisions, rather than being their chief architect.

To be honest I’m almost sorry for Nigel. He’s an honourable person (even if his admistration is failing the people of Southend) and is probably inwardly cringing at this two-faced ‘support’. He won’t repudiate Vel because he might need his vote in the future, but I’m sure he’d want to…


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