Posted by: iangilbert | February 12, 2013

Rattled Tories

I’m glad to see that the Conservatives are so rattled by my colleague Julian’s efforts in Milton. Conservative Leader Nigel Holdcroft doesn’t usually stoop to misrepresentation but these blog posts clearly show that he has deliberately taken Julian’s general comments in favour of organised cruises out of context and twisted them to start a synthetic argument.

No doubt with a Conservative Mayor wanting to plonk one of the world’s biggest airports outside their front windows and a Conservative council ignoring their wishes on the cliffs museum, the normally strongly Conservative areas of Milton along the cliffs will be wondering just why on earth they should reward the Conservatives with their vote. I’m sure Nigel and Tony will be calculating that a nice little row about cruisers could be just the distraction they need.

Who controls the council could well be determined by who wins Milton. I’m not sure this rather transparent tactic will be enough to save Nigel’s administration.


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