Posted by: iangilbert | March 1, 2013

Never mind children’s centres, let’s worry about parking in Thorpe

I’m feeling too tired to write much coherent about the budget debate last night, full council finished at about half-past midnight.

One thing that I find absolutely, staggeringly disgraceful is when the council is cutting vital services and raising council tax, certain Independent and Conservative councillors decided to vote for a specific amendment to the budget to take money from reserves and use it reduce parking charges on Thorpe Bay Broadway.

They wouldn’t vote for reversing cuts to children’s centres, or our resources to tackle domestic violence, but they would vote to cut parking charges in Thorpe Bay.

If all fifty-one of us came forward with budget amendments that just benefited our own wards to the detriment of others, the result would be utter chaos.

When I get the minutes I will post a full list of councillors who voted for this absurdity, because they should be utterly ashamed of themselves.



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