Posted by: iangilbert | July 3, 2013

Common sense on pavement closure

At our last neighbourhood meeting people raised me with me the fact that the closure of the pavement in Chichester Road between Essex Street and Quantock (to facilitate the demolition of Queensway House) was very dangerous. It forces pedestrians from Quantock or those walking into town from the Short Street / Milton street area to cross in an unsafe position, close to the turning and where lines of sight are often obstructed by buses pulling in and out.

Indeed this location is so dangerous that we have a sign up at this location saying ‘Warning – pedestrian accident area’ – but there was nowhere else to cross because the pavement simply ended. (The able-bodied could theoretically have walked up the stairs to the bridge over to the Victorias, crossed the bridge and come back down inside the Victorias and out – but people with limited mobility or with babies etc wouldn’t manage it)

I wrote to the relevant Director last week and pointed this out. I’m delighted to say that today the pavement is back open with a covered walkway and it was nice to see it being used by a mum with a young child in a buggy. It’s not perfect because it’s very narrow – however I can’t see any way to avoid that given the need to close off space for the demolition works.

Pleased to see that common sense has prevailed. Maybe, just maybe, this may have prevented a serious accident.


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